How To Scale Great Email Marketing 

With Design Systems

Have seasonal email campaigns that you run every year? Gearing up to test your personas for 2020 learnings? Ever wish you could clone your transactional emails across a variety of products? 

You need an email design system. 

Join Jen Capstraw of Iterable, Crystal Ledesma of Zillow, and Ted Goas of Stack Overflow to learn how an email design system will supercharge productivity, reinforce branding, and empower email superstardom. 

We'll take a deep dive on topics including:

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Identifying the need for design systems and securing buy-in

How to implement your design system and drive adoption 

A tour of Zillow and Stack Overflow’s email design systems

Successes, disaster stories, and proving ROI 



President & Co-Founder

Women of Email


Sr. Visual Designer and Developer, Email

Zillow Group


Principal Product Designer

Stack Overflow

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